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In light of the grand popularity of the original Kubilaï winter hybrid boot by Altan Bottier, they have released a new, patina option version where you can now customize how you want yours to look. The standard offering is 7 colorways but they also have a special button that allows for you to realize your own patina. With consultation of course.

I have been impressed with Altan for awhile now and they seem to keep getting better and better with designs and offerings.

This one takes the cake though and I can only imagine them selling a boat load of these, to all of you! The boot is very nice, comfortable and hard wearing. And more importantly reasonably priced at €575 (plus VAT). I have already taken mine for a stroll numerous times and very much enjoyed them!

To see my unboxing video on them, see the link here:

To get your order in on these, see this link below.

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