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photo courtesy of Dandy Shoe Care, as are many others in this post

Now more than ever is the ‘time of the bespoke shoemaker.’ With thehelpof shoemaking schools all around the world, the internet aka YouTube, shoemaking blogs, apprenticeships galore, it is a lot easier to find a way to learn the knowledge of shoemaking then it was even 10-20 years ago. Case in point is the young shoemaker Riccardo Carlino of Calzoleria Carlino who is only 24 and now has his own workshop and business, which to me is simply amazing! I love young Entrepreneurship, especially in shoemaking and hope that his story can inspire others to follow.

With a history in cobbler trade of repairing shoes (not to be confused with shoemaking), young Riccardo soon built an interest in making the shoes as opposed to fixing them. With his knowledge of repair, he first started to simply learn shoemaking by trial and error but shortly after linked up with Simon Peron of Peron & Peron of Bologna, Italy. Simone was kind enough to take in Riccardo under his wing and teach him the art of handwelting and hand stitching the sole. Here in the workshop of P&P, Riccardo was able to hone his skills in the basics of shoemaking. After a few months Riccardo then linked up with Roberto Di Monte (shoemaker for Ugolini), who would not only teach him to refine further his skills in finishing with fiddleback waists and the like, but also became a good friend and mentor.

After a few years, Riccardo was finally ready to take a step out into the great big world on his own, so did so by setting up shop in Modena, Italy. He focuses mainly on bespoke but also dabbles in a bit of MTO making a handmade shoe on a generic last with potential last fittings if required. But everything is handwelted and with a handstitched sole.

Prices start at €1200. The first pair has an upcharge of €200 for the last, as is common with Italian makers.

And another interesting thing to add is that as you might notice in pictures, Calzoleria Carlino is in collaboration with Dandy Shoe Care so for those that want to get their shoes in crust leather to be patina’d later, that is completely on the table!

So if you happen to be in or around Modena, do give Riccardo a visit and add another potential shoemaker to your list of options!

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