Button Shoes by Aubercy


Button Shoes by Aubercy

I have a few predictions of things to watch out for for 2015 and button boots/shoes is one of them. They are not an easy thing to make nor are they easy to sell as a mass-market product. The reason being the fact that they are simply not that practical for modern day society. Maybe we can change that? I don’t know. But a kid can dream, right?! This model here by Aubercy is quite the lovely choice for a nice summer version but I am excited to see what comes out more for A/W2015, when all of the tweeds and cloths start getting used. Lets see if I can finally manage to get my factory to produce a pair. No promises, but I am trying!!

6 thoughts on “Button Shoes by Aubercy”

  1. The button boots look very old-fashioned, but for those brave enough to make such a fashion statement, I say go for it. Perhaps some pop music star will decide to start wearing button boots and encourage others to do the same.
    Those button shoes look very nice. I could see myself wearing shoes like that, with the right slacks/suit.
    Tell me, Justin, are button boots difficult to put on? Is there some trick to getting them buttoned up easily? Is getting a proper fit more of a challenge? It occurs to me that button boots might be best for bespoke — which is out of my price range currently.

  2. Lovely but not easy to make it fit properly, if not you are stuck with an unwearable pair of shoes.
    A bespoke pair done by a “young” growing italian shoemaker, Riccardo Borella.

  3. Hi Justin, would you mind putting in a disclaimer that these are Aubercy and not Bonafe.
    All the best 🙂

    1. I should have put 2 and 2 together as I have seen this model in person at Aubercy in Paris only that the source of the picture labelled them as Bonafe’s. But clearly Bonafe cant use Aubercy designs so I should have realized that and not trusted the source! Thanks for pointing it out Niklas

      1. Well I learned it the ‘hard’ way this weekend when I tried to order this shoe from skoaktiebolaget and Gabriel told me its not a Bonafe shoe 🙂
        I think it was an easy mistake to make in this case also, since the picture is taken from the Bonafe factory.

        cheers 🙂

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