Barbanera ‘Once upon a time in Italia’ collection – Sneak Peek

Barbanera 'Once upon a time in Italia' collection - Sneak Peek

Barbanera has a new collection soon coming out titled ‘Once Upon A Time In Italia.’ While I won’t divulge too much on what that means as the official launch of it is not until their display at Pitti Uomo (in the main pavilion, lower level), I can say that the idea of this collection is very nice indeed, especially for those that truly understand Italian culture and heritage. And from the sneak peek that I am showing you (and all that I have also seen), I must say that I am very excited to see the rest. I absolutely love the braided loafers and find the diamond cap quite intriguing. And I can only imagine that the rest will be just as cool!

Barbanera 'Once upon a time in Italia' collection - Sneak Peek

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  1. Shame they don´t sell much in the EU – at least in my size.

    Most of their collection is statesside – unless one goes to Italy i suppose.

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