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There are not many of us that make good button boots in the industry. And YES, I said ‘good’ as there are some out there making snap button or side zip button boots, both of which I don’t find appealing nor worthy of being associated with the idea of the original Victorian classic. But I guess call that the snob in me!

Prior to 2015 you could only find button boots at Aubercy (French Shoe Firm) and Kanpekina (Japanese Shoe Firm) or by going bespoke. Both of which were nearly impossible to get without traveling to Paris or Japan, which is a costly trip just to grab a pair of boots. This is what drove me to launch my own version as I had always dreamed of owning a pair (or 10) and knew there were others out there, like me, who had that same dream. And to top it off, neither of these were semi-affordable for the average Joe.

So after pushing and pushing my factory to finally make them for me, I launched my own version in 2015 and while it was a huge risk — as lets be honest they are not practocal by any means — they actually flew off the shelves and before you knew it, there was a market for button boots. So I kept them pumping them out, in new colorways year after year. Soon other caught on, although only just because many of the people that have since introduced their own button boot, as I stated above, do it in the cheaper way of snap or zip instead of the traditional functional buttons.

But there are now a few more avenues to grab the good ones from and they listed below.

Enzo Bonafe

While the factory does not supply them themselves you can get them from several retailers. Most notably are London retailer Ascot Shoes (like the model highlighted) or Stockholm retailer Skoaktiebolaget. Enzo Bonafe has one of the most extensive MTO programs in existence so sky is really the limit when ordering with them.

The ones below by Skoak


The French powerhouse atelier has been doing them since the beginning and making some of the most beautiful versions around, always in playful coloring and very finely crafted. Their cut are certainly the closest to what you would have found in the Victorian Era.

Kanpekina aka Perfetto

This is a brand out of Japan that is pretty much impossible to get without going to Japan but I have been drooling over their button boots ever since I first saw them years back and each time I went to Pitti Uomo where they always show their latest creations. They certainly are the most bold and are not afraid to experiment with all kinds of leather/material types. Just see below for yourself.

Kanpekina on IG

J.FitzPatrick Footwear

Well as most of you know, this is my own brand, and we have been specializing in button boots for about 5 years now as one of my favorite pieces of footwear. We always have a rotating assortment in the RTW collection but more importantly have a vast offering in the Made to Order program!

RTW – Button Boots

MTO – Button Boots