Disclaimer: This post is about my own personal shoe company, J.FitzPatrick Footwear. Naturally, it is marketing for my brand, but at the same time, highlighting new concepts within the shoe industry, something that my brand is known for implementing and something worth showing as no one else has done it.

This A/W I decided to do things a bit differently and go for a look/idea that is not typically associated with my brand but one that I have been appreciating as of late, especially with as cold and tumultuous the last Winter was. And that idea is the addition of commando soles across many models of boot models for the Autumn/Winter collection (and even on a shoe, more to come on that).

I wanted to go through each model, starting with our Bellevue button boot, as I feel that it is the one that really breaks the norm with the blending of two very different ideas to create one, new concept: The Rugged Button Boot.

If you are a follower of my brand you know that we have an affinity for button boots. Being that we appreciate the Victorian Era of style and appreciate a classic look overall, i.e. leather soles and dress shoe styles, one constant idea of our ethos as a brand is to modernize (or add a modern twist to) classic shoe models. We have done that time again and this time decided to do it on the ultimate dress boot.

The idea to create this was simple in its inspiration. Last year we had a lot of snow days in NYC and a lot of just really rough weather. And it gets tiring having to wear the same rugged-looking boots day after day. You yearn to wear your nice stuff, but the weather does not permit it. So what do you do? Commute with a spare pair? That is one way, but that is also tiring if you are not driving and do work in an office with a changing room. So, I thought, let’s blend some ideas in order to kill two birds with one stone by making a dress boot a touch rugged so that on those rough days you can maintain your smart look but also be practical at the same time

Being that I love button boots, this was simple: add commando soles to an all-black pair that I can wear with anything and in any weather. So I did just that. And I love the results and hope that you all do too. I received these late in the season so did not wear them with anything dressy but certainly look forward to pairing these with a nice, flannel suit this Autumn/Winter season.

What would you wear them with?

Note that these are presale items offered at a 10% discount to secure your pair early: Expected ship dates to all clients are around September 30th for the Bellevue button boo. As presales, these are exchangeable/refundable, so you need not worry if you’re uncertain about sizing but still want to lock in that presale price!



2 thoughts on “The Commando Button Boot”

  1. Very nice looking. If I lived much further north than my present location in Florida, I would enjoy wearing boots like those!

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thanks Steve! Yes, I understand completely. I have a running joke with my business partner that if we ever moved to Florida, what on earth would we do with our Winter Cloths (and my collection of about 60 boots 🙂 . That’s what keeps me up North ha!

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