As Winter comes to an end, I wanted to share with you some of my outfits over the months to show how I tie together my footwear with my clothing. As a self-proclaimed ‘Shoe Snob’ sometimes I feel like I have to back it up. It’s one thing carrying that title with no face to a name, and another backing it up, and hopefully giving inspiration to others that appreciate nice shoes, maybe colorful ones even, yet fear how to put them together. So here is my quarterly contribution to show how I do it, or better yet, how I did it in the colder months. Spring is another other ball game with a lot more color. Winter is often black, black and more black. And every now and then when those super cold Sunny days creep through, I get some color in. Those are actually the days I choose to take a photo as it is easy to just show an outfit with black on top of black so tend to spare everyone of that.

As you can see my style varies a lot. I tend to dress by mood but also closely by weather. I would love to dress up every day but more often than not I am getting dirty with dust on boxes, or from polishing shoes. As I am not a ‘careful’ guy and more brute in my movements, I tend to get dirty so more often than not avoid my actual nice clothes and often find myself in jeans and a sweater. Like pictures 2 and 5 below. That is my standard in the Winter. So to catch me in a suit is more special than not! Hopefully, that will change as I move away from the day-to-day duties of the shop. Easier said than done, especially for a control freak!

I hope that you all enjoy seeing how I put it together and if you have any questions on a particular item of clothing just hit me with a comment and I shall respond.

Wishing everyone a great week!



7 thoughts on “My Daily Outfits For Inspiration – March 2022”

  1. You have good taste. I’m 62 and could see myself choosing similar apparel (especially if I moved north out of Florida). I do generally choose pants with a slightly (barely) looser fit, especially on the lower leg – but that’s probably due to my age. I would also wear most of my pants/slacks slightly longer. I say that as an observation – not a criticism of your choices.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Steve, I appreciate the kind words. And no offense taken. It all makes sense. And most likely as I continue aging, my trousers will probably follow that same path 😉

  2. You dandy, Justin! And of course all the shoes are outstanding too… and shiny!

    Aaaand.. I’ve noticed at least six? watches (including two chronographs)… As a watch nerd myself (kind of…) I wouldn’t mind more information…lol.
    Excellent post and an inspiring one indeed!!

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Juan Manuel, thank you as always my friend. I must have like 20 watches 😉 But nothing expensive. They range from $100-$500. One day will afford myself a nice one when I have really ‘hit the big time’. Until then I like solid watches like Rotary that have nice looks, and good quality/value for money

      1. Many thanks, Justin. Here it is more or less the same… Let’s remember that ”less expensive” watches does not mean ”bad” watches… We like watches regardless their price or their ”perceived value”…
        And yes, Rotary make excellent ones, I agree.
        Best thing of not iconic watches is that I (even I…) get great fun changing bezels, casebacks, straps of course… Something I would not do with a, say, 1950s Rolex 5512 ”meters first”…
        I think…. lol!

  3. Michael A Moss

    I really liked the pictures. I am a new (3 pairs) customer and like to see the shoes with a picture with slacks or jeans.


    Mike Moss
    Lafayette, Louisiana

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