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Happy 2021 To All,

I hope that everyone had a great celebration!

As a way to kick things off with a bang, my shoe brand is now commencing its annual Winter Sale. There are a few things to note, so please read the text below to understand all that is on offer.



The J.FitzPatrick Line

1. Core Models – Discounted at 20% off
2. Seasonal Stock – Discounted at 30% off

Link to sale:

The JF Line
1. Core Models – No Discount
2. Seasonal Stock – 20% off

Link to sale:

The JF Line was never one intended to be discounted the same way we offer seasonal sales on the J.FitzPatrick Line and as a new line, we had to test it this year to see what did well and what didn’t so that we could intelligently understand how to go forward with ordering. The models that are discounted are ones that we plan to replace so now is your chance to grab a pair or two before they are gone.

Our seasonal sales are also†a great time to add custom patina’s to your shoes. Simply select the ‘Custom Patina’ checkbox, below the size selection on the product†page, and leave us your choice in another email or in the notes. If you have problems with adding the patina, please contact us at the email below. Read more about thepatina service here. See an example of a patina done by Greg, aka Hancore, on a pair of our shoes, below. From the Magnolia in Dark Brown Museum Calf to what you see below.

As always please do not hesitate to email if you have any other questions. You can reach us at:†

Happy Shopping!

-Justin FitzPatrick


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