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I am seeing a lot of attractive burgundy shoes recently and surprisingly enough they are all coming from Swedish shoe retailer, Skoaktiebolaget. Coincidence? Probably not. I can’t be the only one thinking that burgundy is the new black so am happy to see that someone else agrees and is offering that shade of†color from nearly all of their brands. The one being highlighted is by their new offering, Paolo Scafora, and is a very elegant version of the class semi brogue, with the highlighted brogueing which I have always loved as a detail. Yet you don’t see that detail often as it is adding a bit of modern flair to what is a very classic shoe and most of the people that make these classic models, are very conservative English shoe companies that don’t detail their shoes like this. So good to see it as I think that it adds some character to something that can sometimes feel somewhat over-classic. Either way, conservative or modern, it is good to see more burgundy shoes being offered and hope to see more of you buying them!

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