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Paolo Scarfora Trunk Show - Skoaktiebolaget

You have seen me write quite recently a good bit about Paolo Scarfora and this is mainly for two reasons. First of all, he is a friend of mine and is a tremendous person. It is always nice to support genuine people. But more important for all of you is that I have known about his shoes for years and always hoped that they would get more attention in the online world because he makes a great shoe, handwelted no less. And no matter how much I wrote about him in the past and during all of my trips to Pitti, he never did catch on to the iGent community or to those that stay in the background but appreciate nice footwear. So when Skoaktiebolaget picked the up I was truly pleased as Skoak is amazing with regards to bringing makers less known to the online world and making them become more known. So it is my pleasure to share this trunk show with all of you in the Europe region this coming weekend.

Since having been back in the US, people ask if I miss the UK. I say that I mainly miss the aspect that in Europe every country is literally a cheap, 2 hour flight away and getting to another country and culture is so seamless and easy. I love that about Europe. I have done the London to Paris in a day, and while tiring is something that unfortunately nearly every other continent lacks. Thefefore, to live in London and pop over to Sweden for the day (or one night stay) is completely feasible. Even if tiring, it can be done. And that’s the beauty of European trunk shows. Therefore, for those of you not in Sweden, don’t rule this out as a Friday night departure to return Saturday is a good excuse to escape your country for the night!

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