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Mario Bemerstarted working for his brother Stefano’s company back in 1999. When Stefano Bemer passed away 2012, Mario went on and started his own brand. With him from Bemer came bespoke shoemaker Seiji Miyagawa, they now have built up a small workshop in Florence with some additional staff, and have a business making both bespoke there and RTW/MTO at a factory a bit up north in Tuscany. It’s a small scale production all around, bespoke being around 50 pairs a year, RTW upwards 1000 pairs per year. But this allows Mario to keep his eye on the quality and design that he has already made a name for himself for.

Mario Bemer’s shoes have a special character where his mix of classic Italian style with something more modern and contemporary really sets himself apart from many. Playful designs, well-balanced lasts. Most customers today are American, Chinese and Japanese, so it’s extra interesting to introduce the brand for more people in England now at the super trunk. Prices for RTW start at around 730/€830. Bespoke begins at 2,450/€2,800 (€400 of that is for last creation, removed for consecutive pairs).If you are interested in ordering bespoke, e-mailinfo@mariobemer.comto reserve an appointment (drop in also possible).

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