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A lot of shoe greatness has been coming out of China and despite what you might feel about that country right now, setting aside personal biases, no one can take away the fact that they have some great shoemakers popping out of the woodworks. My favorite one, in such a short period of time, is the newest brand (at least by IG page status) is Acme Shoemaker of Beijing.

I only recently discovered them (when their IG page had 4 pictures on it) and was immediately blown away with what I saw. And day after day I have been further impressed with not only their shoemaking but design, last shapes, balance of patterns, patina-skills and overall aesthetic. I dare to say that many of their shoes are “perfect” in all aspects. And that is no easy feat. I am very critical of how a pattern fits a last and they have nailed it completely on nearly all levels. I sound like a fan boy but that is because its all true. You can see that thought, patience, perseverance and detail beyond detail was put into the shoes from intial thought inception to final product.

One might think and be fearful of a brand that is selling at bottom of the barrel prices, but on the contrary, they are apparently selling at prices innthe region of Saint Crispins yet I am unsure if that is for bespoke or just handwelted MTO. I will soon get more info on that. Some might be dubious of that pricepoint in terms of cost, but I really think the pictures speak for themselves. I imagine the shoes are even better in person. And don’t feel how long a brand has been in existence should dictate whether or not they can justify their price. Quality is quality no matter if it is on day one or 20 years later. And brands shouldnt have to cheapen themselves to justify their abilities.

I expect great things from this brand and if you like what you see too, check out their IG page at the link below.

Acme Shoemaker

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