Boots On My Mind – Acme Shoemaker

Boots On My Mind - Acme Shoemaker

I always appreciate two-tone combinations that come out better than expected or even more so, unique combinations that you might never think to put together yet someone has the creativity to try it out and they come out amazing. These boots, by ACME shoemaker, are a great example of that, for me. I could only find one photo of them to show, which is a shame, but the museum calf like grey/beige patina really hit the nail on the head for pairing on this beige/sand suede. The subtle crust undertones of the calfskin really help to make this combination possible. A flat grey would not have cut the mustard here. ACME continues to impress, at least me, and their handmade patinas are pretty cool. I actually have a new pair that I will soon be showing. Do stay tuned for that.

What is funny is that when I grabbed this photo, I did not even realize that they had a subtle commando sole on them. I only just noticed now it when writing this post. And while I love a classic single leather sole, I really do appreciate this combination of rugged sole with elegant upper. It does go well together IMHO, although I know that some, if not many, will not agree as it breaks the mold of a classic balmoral boot.

Summer has only 8 days left. On one part it is a shame as I dread those dark days starting at 4pm. On the other hand, I am really ready to get on all of my boots, rollnecks, and overcoats. I am not crazy about the extreme weather of NYC with hardly an Autumn or Spring season but, for me, it sure does beat just having one season all year round. I dream to live in a hot climate but know that one month into it, I would be suffering. Here is the boot season coming real soon!

If you have yet to try ACME shoemaker, I highly suggest doing so. They really do make a quality shoe for a great price.

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