Happy Friday!

So, here is some big news for all of the fans out there. The newly famous Chinese brand, Acme Shoemaker, which has taken the industry by storm has finally launched a website and thus an e-commerce outlet for all of you that wish to take the plunge directly on a website instead of having a DM chat via Instagram. And while a lot of what you see on their IG page was always MTO shoes, they actually appear to have quite a substantial RTW stock offering that appears to be ready to ship and even an indicator of how many pairs per size per model are available.

It would appear though that they are still working some kinks out as I see that every model has the same excerpt in the product’s ‘description’ but the factual details about the product seem to be the correct ones. Making a new site is a very tedious and difficult achievement so it is understandable if they have the site live to work out the kinks out and get it up to 100%.

It does seem to be that you can place orders now though and make purchases and definitely peruse through the MTO section which has a lot to offer.

I can only imagine that this will continue to grow and it will be exciting to see that happen. The shoes are phenomenal and at a great price to be honest for what you are getting in return. If you do not believe me just check out my unboxing video on my pair highlight above.

Well, I will keep this short and sweet. Happy Shopping!

Check out the new site here: https://acmeshoemaker.com/


2 thoughts on “Acme Shoemaker Website Now Live”

  1. This is a very good effort for a newly launched ecom site. They had the courage to go live as soon as the functionality was there. They can always make incremental corrections and changes as the go along, while selling the whole time. I’m very interested that they have included some cement built models. I’m thinking of ordering s pair of cemented loafers, just to verify size, before pulling the trigger on a more expensive hand lasted model I’m interested in.

    I predict that they will work the bugs out in a very short time. That’s just how they roll. Thank you for the review.

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