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Acme Shoemaker has recently created a display piece for the upcoming London Super Trunk Show that shows what creativity and desire can get you in shoemaking when one is willing to test their own abilities. At first glance, you might think nothing of the shoe as it appears to be just a black wholecut with a medallion. Upon closer inspection, you notice that it is a seamless wholecut and the medallion is the face of The Black Panther (Marvel’s version). On top of that, they punched their logo into that seamless heel in a perfect form offering some playfulness to an otherwise ‘plain’ shoe. But sometimes the most simple pieces of work are actually the most complex. When you have a seamless wholecut like that, first and foremost, placement is everything so lasting it will have to be done perfectly. Second, that is not an easy medallion to punch either. Again, when creating images that are supposed to reflect something that we all clearly recognize, precision is key. Same for a script-like logo. Anyone that has done hole punching knows that one small mistake can ruin everything.

So, for me, this shoe was a brilliant spectacle of craftsmanship and creativity. Simple yet impressive at the same time. And they chose this to be their display piece at this Saturday’s Super Trunk Show in London. A very fitting piece for creative display and to show one’s ability. I am sure that it will garner a few orders, and quite possibly an order of Spider Man, or even Iron Man to replace The Black Panther. Imagine both of those options with the colors to coincide on the upper? That would be something!

Nevertheless, I love that makers come to display something special at the London Super Trunk Show. It is truly is a spectacle unlike any other of straight-up shoe heaven all under one roof. I know that not everyone can attend but if you are around the London area this Saturday do make sure to stop on by.

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4 thoughts on “Acme Shoemaker – Black Panther Shoes”

  1. Peter Harrison

    Wow! This is hard to stop looking at! I feel a little weird that my favorite thing about this beautiful shoe is the laces. There are a lot of colored laces out there, but most are bright and seem a jarring contrast to the leather. These deep burgundy laces look good enough to eat. I’d love to get ahold of a pair.

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