A Solid Line Up – A Personal Collection of Carmina Shoes

A Solid Line Up - A Personal Collection of Carmina Shoes

A pretty solid line up here shown by @armandomadrid of Instagram. This is just of his Carmina collection which is quite impressive really for having just one brand in 10 pairs of shoes. Very loyal which I am sure Carmina is happy about as I know that I love it when my clients are like that with me. If I had to critique it, I would say that only one thing is truly missing and that is a black oxford, but then again some people don’t frequent formal events and don’t really require one in this day and age of wearing brown shoes to work. But I love the suede loafers. Always good to see someone utilizing blue suede as that is one of my personal favorites!! I would that a burgundy loafer and a black oxford would make this nearly perfect and then a balmoral boot too but then again in hot countries I can understand why some people wouldn’t go that far. Lovely collection indeed! Well done!

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  1. Carmina (their brick and mortar shop is a couple of blocks away from my home…) are nice… BUT no one beats Justin’s!!!!!!!

    You’re wwelcome…

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