Carmina’s Exotic Leather Loafers

Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers
Carmina has recently launched a new MTO product, being a series exotic leather Uetam loafers which I must confess are pretty cool. Unfortunately, this is not something ready made but at least they are on the table and ready to be ordered. And who knows, if enough of you order or ask for them to be RTW, they just might consider it. Either way, I loved the color options here with your blues and greens and not your typical black and brown that is usually the only option you get when it comes to most brands that offer exotics. As you might guess with the fact that it is the highlighted product, I really liked the blue lizard loafer. The color is sublime and the fact that it is blue makes it feel non-animal like to me, more of a print which I prefer as, in reality, I am not the craziest about exotic leathers. My 2nd favorite would be the dark burgundy croc loafer. That is dark enough to not be ostentatious and when thinking about it would be quite versatile in fact. I could see that easily transitioning from suit to jeans without effort. Lastly I like the green lizard ones, but these are not something easily missed so would take someone with some courage to pull off. But I am sure that many of you have such courage!

Happy Shopping!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers Carmina's Exotic Leather Loafers

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