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Pitti Uomo Pays Off
When you go to Pitti and are standing in the main bit where everybody is congregating, all you see are all the famous internet “Style Icons” and a load of photographers. There are so many pictures being taken that you never know where one of them could end up. I always make a joke that for all I know, me or one of my friends could be on some massive billboard in central Tokyo. While that is nothing more than a joke, what is more realistic is what I came across today, in which a friend sent over a picture of me in some Japanese publication. Don’t know what it is or anything like that, but of course it is always nice to be appreciated so I was quite stoked either way!

On another note, we have recently received a lot of restock in many of our shoes and accessories. For example, the mink oil, the black wax polish, the Renomat and the travel shoe trees.

On the shoe side, please see the models below that have just been restocked. And there are still more to come which should be arriving next week (mainly all of those models in Antique Brown which had some delay in leather production).

Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off Pitti Uomo Pays Off


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  1. Rose from Highschool

    That is funny, I was perusing Pinterest, and a totally different photo of you in a chair was in my feed….posted by someone I don’t know….it was awesome.

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