Saint Crispins Launches Online
Saint Crispins has been up to a lot these days. First they launched at Skoaktiebolaget and now they have started a small online boutiqueon their own website for those of you that are within reach of one of their stockists but are dying to try a pair of shoes. It would appear to be a work in progress as there is quite limited stock and options available. But nonetheless, you can finally go directly to the source to get a pair of their shoes should you please. Check out what they have gone live and leave feedback if you want to express what you would like to see more of. As a MTO type company, I can imagine it has been difficult trying to decide what to offer as RTW.

Also, for those of you in London, SC will be doing a trunk show at Drakes on Clifford st from the 13th-15th of May. So if you are around those dates and have to see them in the flesh, come down see them and meet the man behind the brand, Mr. Phillip Car.

Saint Crispins Launches Online Saint Crispins Launches Online Saint Crispins Launches Online


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7 thoughts on “Saint Crispins Launches Online”

  1. Justin, do you not think they’re very expensive considering where they’re made? They’re more expensive than G&G.

  2. Cordovan leather lover

    Sorry to jump the question Justin but this argument of where things are made vs. cost annoys me and seems outdated/superficial. (Remember when the” Made in the Italy” label on clothing was king, things change).
    I understand the reality that shoes made in Romania (theoretically) should have lower costs as the labor, overhead, etc. maybe lower. However, IMO it is the quality not the “Made in Italy” or “Made In England” label that matters most.
    IMO Crispin’s are the top MTO/ready to wear shoe on the market. After trying numerous high end MTO/ready to wear names out there I think they are better than Lobb (Paris), Edward Green, and better than or equal with G&G. Fit wise nothing compares except bespoke and only G&G offer the equal in style/variety of Crispin.
    I understand they are not inexpensive but an almost entirely handmade shoe that you can pick and choose everything from last, sole, leather, etc. is as close to bespoke without paying thousands of dollars, pounds, etc.

  3. I agree 100% with cordovan leather lover. Nowadays “made in Italy, England, ..” is more a marketing thing than quality. Of course, these countries still deliver quality but they are not alone anymore. There are excellent crafstmen in Romania, Spain or Portugal who can deliver high end quality. I own a pair of SC MTO and the are absolutely amazing and built to high end standards.

  4. My issue is with western European brands outsourcing to eastern Europe. I have nothing against the likes of vass. They make a cracking shoe and compare well to any shoe made in western Europe whilst selling for less. However, manufacturing in eastern Europe whilst hiding behind a western brand would not interest me.I guess, each to their own. I’ll stick with English shoes.

  5. VZ, Enjoy your English made shoes. StC is hand welted and almost entirely handmade (except sole stitching by machine). They also come with an individually made lasted shoe tree. This compared to machined made and gemmed RTW English shoes that one still has to pay another $200 on top for a machined made shoe trees, I’ll take StC anytime. Plus your imperialist mentality that only Western European made products can support higher costs hence pricing is simply myopic.

  6. Timsum, you’ve got me! My imperialistic plans have been uncovered. You have foiled my plans for world domination……

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