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Lately, as you may know, I have been so busy that it’s been hard to think, let alone keep up with everything that I need to do. And part of what I needed to do yesterday, was tell all of you that I was going to Spain, of which I am now in, and therefore might not be able to post as much. But luckily for all of you, I had a spare 30 minutes and decided to dedicate it by feeding your shoe fanatic needs!! Anyway, while I don’t have much to say on the shoemaker at hand, Mr. Kunai Atsushi, I must say that judging from the pictures, he is another Japanese bespoke shoemaker blowing the socks off those buying his shoes. That middle one above, with the purple shading, is hands down the best side gusset shoe that I have EVER seen…..simply brilliant! Well, feast your eyes and enjoy your week….will do my best to get another one out while I am here, but there are no guarantees, which means that it might not be until Friday that you hear from me again….

Pictures Courtesy Of: Style Forum

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Japanese Shoemaker – Kunai Atsushi”

  1. That speckled single eyelet shoe is just gorgeous. The heel looks a little high for my taste, but other than that it is classic and still unique. My favourite combination!

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