Spectator To Die For!! (literally)
The key to creating great footwear is through experimentation and while you probably are sick and tired of hearing me harp on and on about all of the Japanese shoemakers and their skills, one cannot deny their ability to make beautiful pieces that stand out like an oasis in the Sahara desert! And most of them are created through their lack of fear in experimentation. This spectator not only defies the rationale behind the idea that ‘nothing is perfect’ but literally leaves me grasping for breath as I drool over the shape of the last, a shape that is so immaculately elegant yet extremely hard to achieve. What’s even crazier is that their women’s shoes are just as beautiful and elegant as their men’s. So ladies, if you are interested in unique bespoke footwear, I believe that a trip to Japan is definitely in order, as it is for me!! The only problem is that the more that I discover new brands, such as TYE Shoemaker the more that I realize that a trip to Japan will just involve visits to shoemakers and not an actual holiday of appreciating the country for all of it’s beauty. I will need a month there! Nevertheless, as I am sure that I will be able to justify it at some point in my life, until then I will continue tallying up the beauties, like these, that continue to define the epitome of great footwear!
Spectator To Die For!! (literally)

Spectator To Die For!! (literally)

Spectator To Die For!! (literally)


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14 thoughts on “Spectator To Die For!! (literally)”

  1. Justin you do not “literally” want to die for these shoes! Still, you’re a shoe designer, not an English teacher…:p

    But they are pretty awesome!

  2. Just returned from a week in Japan, and I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms already!

    Had a MTO with Keitaro Takano of Clematis, will share when it arrives in 3 months!

  3. He’s stuffing the perforation holes with tiny pieces of white leather.

    btw congrats to Benjy for your Clematis MTO.

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