As I was taking my time shining, take pictures, and leaving on the floor of my showroom the two pairs of handwelted†oxfords from new Singaporean brand, Yeossal, I think that I got more compliments on their shoes than my own. People were always like ‘oh, those ARE nice! Can I buy those?’ And sadly, I was like, ‘No, you can’t with me, but with Yeossal you can!’ But it was one of those then and now type of situations. But testament to them that what they are doing is right as without fail everyone looked at them and inquired.

For those that are just discovering Yeossal, you can read the review I made of them over a month ago. READ HERE. This post at hand is more about their booming start and how the shoes that they are making a breath of fresh air in a stagnant industry.

First of all, let’s just get it out there, but this shoe and the one that I reviewed are made in China. Yes, CHINA. They are handwelted, handlasted and the only thing that is done by machine is the sole stitch†from joint to joint. The heel is even stacked piece by piece. It’s quite impressive and the finishing is top notch. All that for $798 SGD or about $600/£450/‚ā¨525. I am not going to lie. It’s kind of scary to be honest, that such quality can be made at such a price. But it’s true. Maybe it won’t last long as China comes up in high-quality manufacturing, it wouldn’t then surprise if prices also went up too. So now is your chance to grab great products like this while they are at this unbeatable price.

What I like about Yeossal is that they came out booming with a big selection of beautiful shoes and not just the same ‘ol stuff that everyone else is doing which is just so boring. This short wing in a very strong burgundy calf is a testament to that. They use a lot of Gold museum†for classic oxfords. Also something I love. Bold yet stylish and still elegant. Anthracite†museum grey short wing oxfords too. Who else is doing that? Not many. And that’s what I love. And they are also doing beautiful sneaker slip ons, Belgian style loafers and then another sneaker that I am not a fan of but maybe some of you will be. That is all just in their House brand, Y by Yeossal. Not to mention they stock and sell a plethora of other shoes, clothes and accessories. Impressive to say the least.

And I like and respect this again, because like I said in my rant yesterday, the industry is so f***ing boring at the moment. No one is pushing the envelope but rather just trying to undercut everyone else with the same, boring black brogue and penny loafer. Not Yeossal. They went to China to make shoes. A feat in itself. A challenge to say the least because lot’s will turn their noses up to this production. And that takes balls. I respect that. Good luck Yeossal, you got my vote!


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