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Yeossal is currently going through some changes, structurally and physically. And when that happens, especially when you relocate premises, which they are, then more often than not, a lot of your stock has to go! And that is currently the case for Yeossal. That being, they are having quite the sale, with a lot of shoes, but also a lot of clothes.

Now, it might be slightly confusing on the side of the shoes as some models are stock and they have multiple sizes on sale, but many are actual samples in the UK7.5/UK8/UK8.5 regions (US8.5/US9/US9.5) and also they show things that are already sold out. In the stock shoes they have mainly sizes above a US9, so if you fall into that category then you are in luck!

With the current exchange rate you have some handwelted footwear as low as $315!

Happy Shopping:


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