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TLB Mallorca

There is a new shoe shop in town. When I say “in town,” well now that the world is only a couple of clicks away and shipping is virtually free everywhere, it’s just like having it around the corner as in reality it is based in Singapore. The shop in question is called Yeossal and currently stocks TLB Mallorca, Corno Blu (of Japan) and Antonio Meccariello. While the West is slowing down in multi-brand†shoe shops it would appear that the East is continuing to grow in them. And soon they will be adding more brands to the shop i.e. already rapid growth which is quite impressive. While Americans and Europeans are growing more casual it would appear that those in Asia are sticking to the classics which I am quite happy for as this casual world of everyone wearing gym clothes is appalling, to say the least.

I look forward to seeing the new shoe brands that they launch as time goes on!


Justin FitzPatrick


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