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I was searching for some cool Santoni’s to put up on the blog, in the hopes to find a new model from their goodyear welted range. Unfortunately I did not have much luck in that search but I did come across these bad boys which I must say might be even a bit bold for your wildest dandy. I never mind doing/seeing things done a bit differently but polka dots on men’s shoes, to me, simply seems a bit overboard. Add velvet/velour to the mix and you have one wild shoe that I don’t think anyone could pull off, not even Hugh Hefner. I can understand not turning business down, but I don’t think that I would personally ever want to be associated with craziness like this! But at least in my research I found these nice boots below to make up for it!

Santoni boots Santoni boots1

5 thoughts on “When Collaborations Go Wrong and Involve Good Companies”

  1. Mate I think Justin referenced the boots as part of a Santoni search so it’s implied that they are from there.

  2. Hallo Justin, I totally agree with your dislike for the dotted shoes. But some will by them, as we all know, because it is always a point of view. To ME personally, the denim / leather shoes you showed on your last entry are not quite, but almost as hard to stand as these dotted shoes here.

  3. Honestly, the slippers are kinda okay-isn, some might be able to pull it off, but the monkstraps BLARGAHALRGHLRALRA

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