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I have always wanted to give inspiration to those that may not know how to wear bold shoes or have fears of shoes outside of what they are used to.

I won’t claim to have the best style in the world, but I am not afraid to go bold every now and then show it. And I can’t be The Shoe Snob if I am not wearing the shoes that I preach about.

So here is the beginning of my video series for ‘What I am Wearing’.

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-Justin FitzPatrick

2 thoughts on “What I am Wearing Video Series”

  1. A successful, self-made business in NYC, vacations in Europe, and you’ve got time to look good on video. I’m worried about you, Justin. Keep the man off and on the street style videos coming. They’re wonderful. Enjoy Italia.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Thank you for the kind words Julian! Unfortunately no holiday in italy. Was visiting my son and working until 3am each night after putting him to sleep.

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