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Welcome to our new GMTO offering

We are excited about this GMTO run as it represents products unlike any other that we have offered in the past and are excited to see how you all react to these new ideas and models.

If you are not familiar with GMTO it is imperative that you read everything that follows to ensure you are up to speed with the process of ordering.

GMTO means ‘Group Made to Order’. And what that means is that we try to amass at least 6 orders of a particular model in order to meet minimum production requirements and thus be able to waive the Made to Order fee and only charge you as a production model. However, as we are making only the select amounts purchased, this means that a GMTO shoe/boot acts as an MTO since it is made specifically for you. That means, it needs to be produced after the fact and it is not returnable nor is it exchangeable.

Payment Options

1. Deposit – Please use the code ‘GMTO50’ to pay a 50% deposit on the full retail price of the GMTO listed above. Final balance due prior to shipment of shoes. Please note that the deposit route may incur a higher shipping charge than you will pay in reality. If so, we will offset this by deducting the amount paid from the balance payment due. Unfortunately, we can not automate this.

2. Pay Upfront – Please use the code ‘GMTO10’ to receive a 10% discount on the full retail price. No balance due.

All GMTO’s take approximately 4 months to make. This can vary due to leather availability. This time frame commences after the GMTO period has ended. That is the week of June 24th. For those of you who made deposits, please note that this is 50% of the full retail price and the balance will be due before receiving the goods. We offer a 10% discount to those that pay upfront. If you take the deposit route, this discount is forfeit.

Assuming the GMTO goes into production the pair you purchase will be non-exchangeable nor will it be refundable. This is an exclusive pair made just for you and the others that purchased specific sizes. If the GMTO does not reach its minimum order required to make production, we shall refund the money you paid.

Now, please enjoy the shoes below!


Designing the Spokane was initially about accomplishing two goals: 1. Making a black shoe fun and unique, and 2. Doing something quilted as I have always loved that pattern. And the Spokane with the facing the Rainier gave us the perfect design that we are proud to have come up with.

It offers you a truly unique dress shoe, particularly in the black calf, that gives you a point of difference to what is commonly seen not only in the workplace but also on feet in general. We love our Spokane model and hope that you do too!

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The Gilmore is unlike most monk straps on the market due to its unique design. It was actually created by a customer wanting to have a wholecut look to a double monk and this was the outcome. We loved it so much we wanted to give it a chance at GMTO and see how the rest of you feel. It is a striking monk strap that will certainly put you a step ahead of the rest!

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The Bremerton on the double city rubber sole is a solid boot for all year round, but especially good for those looking for a go-to Autumn/Winter boot. It is very sturdy but at the same time very comfortable.

The Bremerton comes with the option of purchasing it with or without genuine shearling fur. Each pair comes with a specific color that you can read in the description and see in the pictures. The fur option is 3/4 lined leaving the footbed without fur as this is unhygienic and difficult to upkeep.

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I have always loved a braided shoe. But being that I think that I love boots, even more so than shoes, I was more excited to make it in a boot version and here is what I came up with.

The Meadowbrook having the facing in leather allowed us to best utilize the pattern to come up with a boot that offers both dress and casual options when wearing it. As you can see in pictures it looks great with denim, but could also see someone wearing this with a well-cut suit in cotton, linen or flannel (but no cuffs on trousers!).

In the gorgeous Walnut Museum calf this promises to be a go-to boot for anyone who owns it!

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The world is all about comfort and a dress casual look to wear with your jeans and unlined jacket. That being, we created what we feel like is a perfect blend between a smart look with a casual feel.

The Laurelhurst in Tweed with the XL lite rubber sole will not only suit your super casual needs for a go-to loafer that works well in all seasons but also that new office dress code of chinos and a jacket (or even your jeans). The lite sole that weighs like a feather will keep you comfortable and supported all day long, like having a smart looking sneaker on your feet without the sneaker look.

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Without exaggerating the Whidbey on the XL lite sole is one of the most comfortable shoes/boots we have ever made. It is the perfect travel boot. The perfect casual boot. The perfect go-to, daily boot. It weighs nothing. It looks smart and pairs with everything.

Getting a pair of these will make you want 3 more in different colors!

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