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Photo courtesy of @mrmanoleat of Instagram
Photo courtesy of @mrmanoleat of Instagram

When you think you have seen something new, chances are it was already done back in the Victorian era. Most things that appear new are really only adaptations in the execution of the design. What I mean by that is, for example how the pattern is made. Take these boots that were made for Nikola Tesla and see how close the brogueing was to the eyelets, how high the boots went up, not to mention how far spaced are the eyelets and speedhooks are. All subtle details that might go unnoticed but that differentiated shoes of today to that of the early 1900’s. And what I love most is that it did not have a cap on it. All too often do I feel that boots are expected to have caps on them. Who made that rule? I don’t know but it’s nice to see that someone chose to ignore it make a nice clean toe boot for a change. Well done Nikola! And even better, done black suede!! A man with great vision and design! 🙂

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