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The iconic saddle oxford has made its way into the design books of Laszlo Vass shoes. And even more so, their version of what looks to be the ‘saddle buck oxford’ although I believe that they used suede instead of nubuck. Neither being here nor there on the suede vs. buck, it is good to see the saddle oxford being introduced into their line as I have always personally been a big fan of this model. I prefer mine to be on a more sleek last but have always appreciated the classic last used, a more voluminously rounded one as you can see in their version. And what you here with Vass’ interpretation is classic Americana style blended with European elegance to create one heck of a versatile shoe IMHO. Funny though how this model is still not seen on more feet of men. I never understood that? The saddle shoe is so versatile as you can dress it up and down and it seamless transition between the day and the night makes it appear as the Golden Grail of shoes. Yet it is more like the Unicorn that you never encounter.

Yet, I still have high hopes and belief in the saddle oxford. One more shoemaker down to introduce it. Now let’s see who is next? One day it will catch on again like it used to be back in the 40’s/50’s, the years that represent the pinnacle of American dress culture!


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