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We all can’t afford the beautiful shoes made by Gaziano & Girling, Riccardo Bestetti, Yohei Fukuda and the like so it’s nice when brands like Orban’s come in and are able to make a solid shoe for an unbeatable price. Sometimes it makes you wonder how can this be but in reality when you are not paying for the “very overpriced idea of made in Italy or England”, the beauty of Spanish made shoes is that you can get a welted shoe at a very good price. And that’s what Orban’s offers: classic welted shoes at affordable prices. Sure, you won’t find perfection like in a G&G shoe, but not everyone can afford that and quite frankly, not everyone cares about perfection the way some of us snobs do. They are more price driven. So if that is you, then enjoy this new gem for ya!

And whether it is silly or not, I always find that the adelaide model looks more expensive (in comparison to a cap toe) and that’s probably because usually expensive brands make them whereas most no-fuss price based brands usually just stick to making classic cap toes and the like.

Happy Shopping!

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

1 thought on “Value For Money Adelaides at Orban’s”

  1. It’s great to see some lower-priced shoes being featured on here!

    Could you comment on how these compare to, say, Meermin?

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