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Septieme Largeur New Adelaide Oxford

Septieme Largeur has just released a new adelaide oxford that for me presents an ultimate option for those that need a basic dress shoe. Most people coming into the world of ‘needing to dress smart,’ often opt for the cap toe as it is safe bet for being not only professional but just simply smart all around. The thing that not so much disappoints me but just wish it could be different, is that most people just go for that basic quarter brogue cap toe. It is a safe bet no doubt but for me is just quite boring. Not that I am saying to go buck wild with it all, but something a tad bit different like an adelaide or an austerity brogue, in my opinion would already be far better. That small touch is noticeable and for me speaks volumes about someone’s attention to detail. That being, when I saw this model, I thought that it could be the perfect ‘first shoe’ for many of those that are just entering the world of smart attire.

Septieme Largeur New Adelaide Oxford Septieme Largeur New Adelaide Oxford

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    great advice! … that I wish I’d had 40+ years ago … I’d probably still have those shoes!-) Young Men: do as Justin says!

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