Unique Derby Design by TYE Shoemaker

Unique Derby Design by TYE Shoemaker

I love to look at TYE Shoemaker’s Instagram account as I am pretty always pleasantly surprised to see new shoe ideas and designs. They don’t post often but when they post, it counts. Here is a new line to a derby pattern that I have never seen before. And one that actually makes me appreciate the derby, which is probably my least favorite shoe model. The way this new line flows from the derby facing seamlessly to the heel counter as if it always belonged that way. And in doing so, gives it the subtle elegance of an oxford, which you rarely find in a derby. And it’s also a nice touch that the side panels to the facing are quite narrow as opposed to the larger quarter design that you find on your typicalderby.

TYE is always offering subtle twists to classic models that are consistently interesting as well as elegant. And dare I must speak on their level of shoemaking. The quality of their shoes is beyond one can imagine, let alone fathom. There are not too many makers in the world that sit on their level of craftsmanship. If one has the option of affording bespoke, TYE should be in their top 5 contenders!


Unique Derby Design by TYE Shoemaker

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