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Clematis Ginza
 is the well-respected Japanese brand composed of shoemaker Keitaro Takano, together with the closer Chemi Chiba. What separates Takano from many of his European-Trained colleagues in the Japanese bespoke shoe industry is the fact that his background comes from training in a small Japanese bespoke shoe school that has long existed and thus makes his shoes to stand out against many of his Japanese competitors. They have their own character, and the quality of the making is very high. It’s easy to understand why Clematis is highly regarded by the Japanese bespoke clients.

Clematis offers two different types of orders for their non-RTW shoes. Semi-bespoke/Made To Measure where they make corrections to standard lasts, and you may choose from the standard models Clematis has, though some pattern changes can also be made. And then they have the full bespoke offering, which entails one or more fittings with test shoes and the hand production of a completely individual last. And the model that you choose is only limited by your imagination. Both variants can be selected to be done with machine stitched sole stitch, so-called 90% handmade, or completely handmade. The price for the semi-bespoke 90% handmade start at £1,100/€1,250 (170,000 yen), they recommend fitting shoe here but it’s not necessary, up to full bespoke that is entirely handmade where prices start at about £2,370/€2,800 (370,000 yen). Prices for all variants can be found on their website.

Clematis will come back to London for a trunk show with Ascot Shoes during the Autumn of 2018, so those who order something that needs fitting can have it done at this time.

Clematis also have their RTW range, made by Joe Works. They are Goodyear welted made to a very high standard, and in European leathers. Prices start around £560/€640 (88,000 yen), which as you will notice at the event is a good price for shoes at this quality. Read a report about Clematis Ginza here. If you are interested in ordering MTM or bespoke, e-mail to reserve an appointment (drop in also possible).

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