The shoes at Sapatero have been really catching my eye lately, especially this dark green bit loafer. I noticed this the other day and naturally was enamored with it, especially as my recent love for bit loafers continues to mature. What intrigued me most was the subtle brogueing that kissed the top line of the tongue and side panel. That was a nice detail that you do not often see on bit loafers but allowed Sapatero to easily separate their version from the rest. And even more subtle was the touch of burnishing they added to highlight that feature in an ever-so-slightly way. And that touch, for me, enhances it as I feel that it might have been a bit plain without that subtle burnish. A very well done to Sapatero for this concotion. I can imagine it in a very deep red color, that would be something special. Not quite burgundy, but not bright red. Think of a dark blood red (sorry be morbid but makes it easily picturable). That I would like to see. Maybe they will make one! 🙂

To see more of Sapatero’s stuff, check out their Facebook Page. It shows much better imagery than their website. Their MTO program has a lot of stuff available that that website simply does not show. And the owner of Sapatero is a great guy so do not hesitate to support him!


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