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Yearn's Natural Sole Collection

Chinese Shoemaker, Yearn, has been making some very cool pieces as of late. I am particularly fond of this ‘Summery’ look that they have been giving their lighter suede choices by opting for a natural sole and lighter upper stitching. A contrasting natural sole, in my humble opinion, is highly underrated. It really lends itself to the vibe of ‘Summerwear’ and fits perfectly with that linen look we all go for when it is blistering hot outside. Yet, you rarely see welted shoemakers offering that look. I find that a shame and think that it really suits the lighter suedes out there, such as taupe suede, polo suede, and for a strong effect, even dark brown suede, not to mention the more offbeat colors like rust suede, green suede, and blue suede.

Here, Yearn shows just how elegant this can be and I am glad that they did so. I hope that it has been a hit for them and if nothing more, inspires other shoemakers to do something like this next year. I know I will.

The featured monkstraps are so cool and I could easily see myself wearing a shoe like that, on the regular, in the hotter months. I could easily pair that with nearly every summer outfit I have as it speans jean-wear, chino-wear, and even summer suit-wear! What’s not to love about that?!

All of these models are via their MTO program which is only a $50 surcharge on top of their already competition-beating prices of sub $400 for handwelted footwear. Mind-boggling isn’t it?!

Watch my unboxing on them to learn more:

Visit their website to get your pair started:


Yearn's Natural Sole Collection Yearn's Natural Sole Collection Yearn's Natural Sole Collection Yearn's Natural Sole Collection

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    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Click the link provided to get your answer and see how much all of their shoes cost. This is a new model coming soon and presume it will cost the same price as the rest of their monkstraps models

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