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I love seeing adelaides reinvented. And it is occurring more and more as adelaides gain more and more popularity in the shoe industry. Now, if you are a shoe brand and you dont have an adelaide oxford on offer you are missing a trick whereas 10 years ago, it would have been normal to not have one in the collection. Times have changed. And thankfully so.

@thatguysshoes of Instagram has recently commissioned one of the more unique adelaide designs of recent times, by Antonio Meccariello. Now, of course, this wont be to everyone’s liking but at least it displays what one can do when their mind does not have limits. And for me that is great to see. Because one man’s vision can be the next man’s dream but sometimes we need help realizing that dream. You would not believe how many MTOs I make that are just copies of another customer’s idea. Case in point. So its nice to see that this good gentleman realized his vision which I am sure will inspire others to order too!

And so begins the journey of new designs in shoe industry, one order at a time. Now lets see how it unfolds. And well done to makers like Meccariello who are willing to push the boundaries of design. Thats what makes our industry great!

Wishing everyone health, happiness and positivity

-Justin FitzPatrick

3 thoughts on “Unique Adelaides by Antonio Meccariello”

  1. Juan Manuel Ballesteros Allué

    Those are really beautiful shoes! Now you got me wondering why I don’t have some adelaides….
    Thanks for the education…

  2. Gorgeousness. I found these shoes to be gorgeous in my hands and on the pictures but not on my feet. Surprisingly. I used to have two pairs of AM but sold them both. Never thought that fiddled waste would bother me so much aesthetically. The shoes are too precious looking, imho, almost some sort of 1920s dancing shoes. It does not help that I have a small size 40.5 which probably makes them look more feminine. Would recommend to people with sizes starting from 42 (US 9) and up.

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Funny enough we share the same size and I actually think the same as you….”too precious” is good wording for it. I love how they look in photo but I prefer something with a slightly smaller heel and yes, not overly done in the waist. Thanks for sharing

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