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When the sun is out, trainers are in! And considering that it has been quite nice here in the South of England, I am more and more grabbing my trainers to wear on my days off. So, in honor of all of this beautiful weather that we have been having, I figured that I would switch it up today, with some casual shoes. The shoes shown here are part of The Generic Man’s Spring 2011 line up and while I am normally not a huge fan of this type of sole (when attempted to be paired with a dress shoe), I actually think that it compliments the rest of the shoe quite well. The more I notice shoes that I like, the more I see that classic (or plain) but with a modern twist fits into every liking that I have. This shoe, relatively simple in it’s design, is the perfect example of something quite plain but with a few added details that makes it unique and intriguing, such as the piping, the linen upper and the brown welt on top of the white foam sole. These little things that you may not think about are what gives this shoe ‘a presence,’ thus differentiating it from every other Spring 2011 shoe that might be similar. The details, the details, the details……….

Pictures Provide By: The Shoe Buff

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – The Generic Man”

  1. sadly, most of the shoes you showcase i cannot find for purchase on online or in store retailers. This collection is one of those. Wish I could see some shoes that were actually purchasable.

  2. Dear Jeffrey – It is true, many of the shoes that I post are not necessarily new, some of them are bespoke or simply just one of a kind’s. I am sorry for that, but then again, what is for offer in stores can sometimes be boring and it is my hopes to change that with my shoe line. I will take on shoemaking with a new approach by actually asking my readers/customers what they want and then make it. They claim to sell these shoes though at Barney’s if you have one near you.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

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