While I can’t say that Tom Ford shoes warrant the ridiculous retail sticker cost that comes with them, I can say that for a “designer” he does have some beautiful and well made shoes under his label, such as these dark green tassel loafers. In fact, I think that for a designer brand, he probably makes the best shoes i.e. sources the best shoemaker that he could find in Italy to make his shoes. They give you all that you look for in a high end shoes: good leather, beveled waists, clean looking soles, good lasts and great design. In reality, there isn’t much bad to say about them at all, except for that the average man can forget about owning a pair, unless he wants to sell his car. And for his pair right here I probably would sell my old ’86 Honda Accord that I used to own, in exchange. At least I would be more stylish in these! Nevertheless, I know that I tend to focus on a hand full of makers that you see continuously gracing my blog, but I feel that I must give credit where credit is due. And these deserve a lot of credit! Simply beautiful….

6 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Tom Ford Tassel Loafers”

  1. Is it just me or is the heel rather high? It rather spoils the proportions in my mind; just too…feminine.

    There’s no arguing with the way they look put together, though. Lovely detail, and dark green is commendable for its rarity among a million black and burgundy loafers!

  2. I like this Dark Green Patina…….Tom Ford is a Genius & Epic Designer indeed…….thank you,Justin,I enjoyed this article…….

  3. Alex B – No, you are right, this is something that has always deterred me from them…their only downfall: The cuban-like heel…

    Il Satiro – Influences do come from all over….

    Gentleman90 – Glad that you enjoyed it! Tom Ford does make nice stuff….I can’t deny that


  4. Gents, please do not waste your money on these shoes, I bought a pair last year from the Paris Boutique, the shoe tree metallic logo came of the third time took the shoe out and then after wearing 20 or so times the Tassel came off from both shoes due to a glue issue and tom ford has refused to replace and fix the shoe since then which is really ridiculous. I have learned my lesson and will stick to the brands that actually are shoe makers and also knwo a thing or two about customer service.

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