Green is really starting to grow on me as a color of attire, whether it be in your jumper, your tie, your trousers, and especially your footwear! However, certain shades of green are certainly better than others, as is quite obvious. This shade here is probably one of the nicest and richest shades of green that I have ever seen on a pair of shoes. A lot of times, when you start to dabble in the shades of leather that differ from your normal tan/brown/burgundy/black selection, there are times where one can be fooled on the exact color of the shoe. For example, a lot of navy shoes look black or some shades of burgundy will look brown. But there is no mistaking the color of this beauty by Crockett & Jones and that is what I love about it. It’s the green of green’s. Currently available in France (of course they would have it, those color lovers!) and on it’s way to London (come Springtime – not the time of year but when the sun actually starts shining!)….so be on the look out!

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