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I have a real sickness for saddle shoes and this model here, by Tim Little, sure doesn’t help in finding the cure to that sickness. It’s still so hard for me to pinpoint my precise infatuation with them, but if I had to venture a thoughtful guess I think that I would say that the saddle part, for me, presents the perfect position and amount of space (with respects to the entire shoe) to create a two toned and/or dual-material-effect shoe. I also find it quite appealing the fact that the saddle part of the shoe somewhat matches the color of the sole, and even more so, the use of blue canvas, which is one of my favorite materials….especially on a shoe. This would be an amazing jean shoe, and as I write this, I am fighting the urge to want to buy it, by telling myself that I don’t need it….Arghhhh, I wish I had one of those money growing trees……in my living room! Nevertheless, for those that don’t know, Mr. Tim Little, is not only the obvious owner of this shoe brand, but is also the man behind Grenson and the reason that they have become what they are: Popular all around the world….And while I am not always keen on some Grenson models, I do have to say that I admire what Tim has done for the brand and the way in which he taken out the perceived stuffiness of English shoes….and made them a bit more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the stuffiness to them, but it’s nice to be a bit fun as well!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Tim Little Saddle Shoes”

  1. He is also best known for farming out Grenson’s production to India for 95% of their shoes….I like a lot of Grenson’s stuff (and his, which is usually pretty much the same but made in Grenson’s Northampton factory and with a premium price), but at least when Loake farmed a cheap range out of Uttar Pradesh they put an economical price on it too.

    Anyway, saddle shoes. I have another theory as to why you like them: you’ve mentioned now and again that you like “sneakers” too. I think maybe these work for you as they have a casual, sporty, rakish look, but are proper shoes rather than plastic horrors. Fair compromise for a casual look, I’d say. Maybe I feel a love for spectators in a similar way – a gentleman’s brogue with a hint of the spiv about it!

    I have seen some lovely saddles though, and I’m thinking of it – check out Allen Edmonds’ “Finch”, under $250 right now in some lovely colourways. And made in the USA, not yet exploiting cheap labour elsewhere…

  2. Alex B – yes, indeed he is…which inevitably has catapulted the brand into stardom with the idea of an English brand with low cost shoes, being able to retail in the States for sub $300.

    As far as your theory goes, that may play into it, but don’t forget that I also like the saddle model on a proper dress shoe like my black/red one that is plastered all over my site/brand….

    I think that you should pull the trigger on one, as they are indeed lovely, and the Finch model is a nice one! particularly the brown with blue saddle….


  3. Loake’s Indian-made range are half the price of Grenson’s, though. Seems a bit cheeky to charge 300 for a boot made in India, when one made in England by Cheaney or Tricker can be had for not much more.

    And yes, the blue-on-tan is the one I was looking at. $219. Not bad. Only problem is I’ve just bought those C&J derbies, and am probably about to buy at least one other pair (spectator) this month, with several on the list. But I’m definitely wanting them…:)

  4. Alex B – yea I guess that you are right on that point….

    Several on the list huh??? You must own a few pair of shoes then….Oh and just to let you know…I wasn’t going to do a spectator for my line until you mentioned something. There are plenty of bi-colored shoes but they are not really spectator-ish, but I did do one because you mentioned it! So, even though I am not sure that you will like it, you can be proud that your advice swayed my decisions…


  5. Ha, no I don’t own many pairs of shoes. I just WANT a lot of pairs of shoes. A growing and persistent obsession for which you, sir, are in large part to blame!

    As for the spectator, I’m glad I reminded you – a classic black and white is what I’m looking at now. I got a nice tan and canvas one recently. But yours, I’m guessing…red and black by any chance?! Ugh! How about something with blue in it? One can hope. 🙂

  6. Alex B – I definitely know what that feels like, only that I already own too many, and can never satiate my thirst for more….it’s addiction for sure.

    Well, I will have a red with black, definitely, my saddle shoe but slightly re-invented….but as for the true spectator, let’s just say that it will involve black and gray leather….and yes, there will be a few models with blue in them….


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