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Purple and tan? Whoever would have thought? Definitely not me….I am still deciding whether or not I would even wear them. Who are we kidding, we all know that I would!! But anyway, as I have beaten into all of your heads, I never tire of the color combinations that I find off the pages of En Grande Pompe from all of the participants’ MTO concoctions that they create. The beauty of MTO is that it allows for the purchaser to show a bit of their personality through their choice of coloring. What’s even better is seeing how MTO shoes differ from region to region. The French and Japanese consumers are probably the most outrageous with the color paring, while the British are unmistakably the most conservative, and Americans seem to be a mixture of the two, however airing on the side of conservative. But everything has it’s place, a nice two toned number like this (by Altan) for special events/occasions or your all-brown option for your day to day activities…..the beauty of loving shoes like it’s nobody’s business is that you can appreciate it all….

On another note, for those of you that have pre-ordered J.FitzPatrick shoes, I can confirm that some of the shoes have came in and are in the process of being shined. I will therefore be in contact with you all very shortly. However, I regret to inform some of you that there will be a very slight delay for anyone who ordered any shoe in the antique brown (Wedgwood, Magnolia and Wallingford) as the tannery delayed in supplying the leather. Therefore, I should have the rest of the shoes hopefully no later than early next week. I do thank you for your patience.

On yet another note, I will be involved at a pop-up event at the Hoxton Hotel on March 16th-17th where I will be showcasing my shoe line as well as offering exclusive prices for my The Shoe Snob accessory range. See below for more details:

All the best,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

4 thoughts on “Altan Saddle Oxford”

  1. These are ridiculously sick. I’d rock them with a pair of jeans and a simple button down shirt.

    Tan and purple makes a lot of sense to me, since yellow is the complement of purple. Using tan instead means it doesn’t clash, but complements instead!

  2. I have a pair in mind that are kind of the other way around….a blow against the stereotype of English conservatism!

    Anyway Justin, as a Savile-Row based American with an English-registered company, you are leading the way. Even if you are a foreign Johnny officially…

  3. Paul – yes me too!!

    Adrian D – fair enough…

    Alex B – a definite blow…have you been getting less conservative since reading this blog???? I think so!!!

    Thanks for the kind words…hope to continue leading the way for a long time to come….


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