I have said it ten trillion times before and I will at least say it once more: the beauty of a shoe (and it’s pattern) is in the detail. Roberto Ugolini hit that detail right on the head with this lovely rendition of a saddle shoe. Not only do I like the little notch that he created on the saddle part itself, but even more intrigued by the fact that he added a heel counter to a saddle shoe, which I don’t believe that I have ever seen before and find it to be quite appealing. I only wished that he would have used different colors in this shoe as I don’t feel like the contrast between saddle and rest of shoe is as prominent as could be in order to do the proper justice of highlighting these details….but then again sometimes beauty is in the subtlety….nah, I like boldness! Nevertheless, a beautiful shoe indeed and hat is off to whoever designed it whether it have been Mr. Ugolini himself, this shop in Japan or the client who owns them….brilliant execution of a saddle!

Pics courtesy of: CC-Coccinella

2 thoughts on “Beauty in the Detail”

  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the post of a great pair of shoes. I understand why a younger gentleman like you would prefer a more starker contrast between the colours ( especially as this is the shoe that defines you) but as an old man the more subtle approach would be my choice. Am undecided about the heel counter as this tends to take away from the overall concept of a saddle shoe (just my oppinion)

    Best regards,

  2. I agree with Mr Snapper on the subtle contrast: the shoe by nature is bold in design, and there is also the contrast in textures to add to the effect. Is the sole hand-stitched as well as the welt? I do love seeing un-fudged stitching when it looks as good as this.

    Very impressive, thanks for the p0rn!

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