Today’s Favorites – Tassel Loafers

Today's Favorites - Tassel Loafers

Premise: “Let’s get as many colors as we can into this shot!” Outcome: Successful!

To me, this is quite a cool picture. While I certainly wouldn’t execute most of these combinations, I find them to be quite intriguing nonetheless. I particularly love the striped socks, the graphite colored jeans on the left and the Lobb looking loafers accompanying those jeans! The attraction to this photo makes me think about how truly intriguing is is, in which the change of one’s taste progresses as he/she gets older. I really used to hate tassel loafers. I just thought that they were an old man’s shoe, even though they are such a staple piece to the ivy league (young men) generation and look, whereby loads of youthful American gentleman wear them through their formative years. And the more that I think about it, the more that I realize that a black cap toe is probably more of an old man’s shoe than a tassel loafer is. These days, I see loads of youngsters wearing them, but then again I do think that they have become quite ‘trendy.’ Nevertheless, my views have changed and I always find myself attracted to them more and more……..maybe I will start liking mushrooms soon too? Ugghh, NEVER!

Picture Courtesy Of: The Style Buff

6 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Tassel Loafers”

  1. My beloved thinks they’re a bit gay. I think some of those are rather nice, especially in these kinds of combinations. As long as they have leather soles, of course…

  2. I’ve only recently bought my first pair. A lovely navy suede pair.
    Now I love them and want more!

  3. I think a suede pair with jeans or similar is a nice casual look. The more formal kind will definitely fail the girlfriend test though.

    Anyway, I just bought some green suede plain stitched-apron loafers instead; best not risk it. 🙂

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