There aren’t many shoes styles that I don’t own that I have been dying to get, but out of the few that there actually are, the Belgian styled loafer is definitely near the top! I have always been so curious about these unmistakeably distinguished loafers, mainly for the simple fact that the piping/bow always contrasts to the rest of the shoe, which as many of you know, is something (contrasting) that I quite fancy. I first saw this on Ethan Desu’s Tumblr, Rugged Old Salt, and instantly fell in love with the blue model above, that to me, looks to be made of either one of two things: Denim or Chambray. Either way, I love both of those fabrics and definitely see myself getting a pair of these sometime soon, as I know that it would be one of those go-to shoe models for me!

Contact The Armoury for further information.

Prices of the suede version: HK$ 3200, 255, 315, $415

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