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Usually I am not a huge fan of derbies, nor split toes alike but for some reason Saint Crispin’s shoes seem to put a spell on me. One aspect is that even if I don’t particularly like the style, they make the shoes look so elegant nonetheless, which inevitably ends up jumping out at me anyway. Another reason, is the amazing hand-finishing that they put on many (if not all) of their models. Never before had I seen such vibrant colors used on such classic shoes, before they came around. Sure you have your Corthay’s and such, but they are known for being a little bit more edgy whereby Saint Crispins do very classic looking last and styles, but with out of this world coloring, like this candy colored green. It’s looks like a real tasty Jolly Rancher (for those of you that remember those!) and for some reason that appeals to me. Nonetheless, I must say that I continue, almost every time I see a new one, to be impressed with the direction that they are taking the company. I must applaud them for their dedication to making beautiful pieces of art, that inevitably setting many men around the world apart from the rest!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Leather Soul, as well as Zimmermann & Kim

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Saint Crispins Split Toe”

  1. Now that’s a shoe. Take-it-or-leave-it taste with those unusual colours and the very distinctive stitched apron/derby concept. But there’s nothing at all frivolous about these boys!

    Some of the St Crispin’s stuff I’ve seen featured here is just unwearable in my eyes, others I’ve see are stunning. It seems their house style is to take very solid, traditional styles, a high emphasis on quality components, and try to mix them all up a bit. When it comes off it’s brilliant. For the rest, well they can guarantee delighting some and repelling others with every model – good outcome, I’d say!

    But what they all have in common is a sense of purpose, and something you have to notice. Weep with you or scream in horror, none of these unusual St Crispin numbers risk being ignored. Respect.

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