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If you don’t know, Ronnie Fieg is the man behind many of the best shoe collaborations created in 2010. Yet, this is not his first year on the scene. He has been making waves with Asics for awhile now, creating some of the coolest colorways they have ever had to offer. Hailing from New York, Mr. Fieg, has persevered and worked hard at what’s known as the ‘American Dream.’ Having aspirations to become a sneaker designer at a young age, he made his start as a stock boy at New York store, David Z. He eventually made his way up to buyer while at the same time thinking about his jump into the designing side which eventually broke through with his first collaboration with Asics. Fast forward some years and we have him doing collaborations left and right and designing some of the best shoes we have seen in 2010. With the way that the shoe industry is going, thanks to designers like Mr. Fieg and the introduction of non-orthodox colors, I am quite excited to see what he brings 2011!!

Pictures Courtesy Of: Ronnie Fieg’s Blog

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