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Today's Favorites - Louis Vuitton Monk Straps

While I cannot say that I am a big fan of mega-fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, I can say that every now and then, they do make a pretty decent shoe. This model here represents just that, for me, as well as a very intriguing take on the monk strap. While I myself, like to keep things relatively classic in my own designs, I do find it quite interesting to see what fashion designers can come up with, when it comes to tweaking an existing idea. Sometimes, it’s flat out shit, and other times, it’s quite cool. And while one might not fancy these women’s belt like straps, I don’t think that anyone can argue that the shoe below, sans straps, is a lovely model nonetheless! While black dress shoes have since grown on me, due to my time in England, and its lovely weather, I must say that for my prior tastes, this would have been an acceptable black shoe. It’s something that has a bit of flair, but also a very classic undertone. Not too pointy, not too round, almost having a Riccardo Bestetti type toe, it’s win-win for me!

Picture Courtesy Of: The Style Buff

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Louis Vuitton Monk Straps”

  1. Gentleman90 – Indeed..

    Khalidandaleks – These are most likely an old model. Your best bet would be to email an LV representative and ask them if they are still available…

    Peter – Would be nice if they were non-functional (removable), that way those who liked them could have them and those that didn’t, could remove them…


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