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Blue is my favorite color, so naturally any shoe that comes in it and looks reasonably good, is going to be on my list of top-tier spectaculars! Needless to say, this Carmina model, offered by Epaulet of NYC, is cream of the crop. Not only have I loved this version of a single monk for a very long time (being very different from everyone else), but the shade of blue calf is simply exquisite. This is why I love Carmina. Not only are their shoes classic and elegant, but they are not afraid to push a bit of boundary with a nice blue shoe, which they just so love to do in navy cordovan, which is one of their specialties! I know that I have been saying this for awhile now, but mark my words, dark blue shoes will become a norm in professional dress attire. They simply have to be as they are not ostentatious by any means and simply look so amazingly beautiful…..far better when paired with a grey suit than brown or black would….just you wait….soon enough will dark shades of abnormal colors like blue and green become more accepted in society as regular shoes. It might not be in the next year or two, but will definitely be within the next 5-10. I bet on it!!!

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