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Interesting Design by Norman Vilalta

To coolest thing about bespoke makers is seeing their imagination come to life through the samples that they make to represent their brand. A shoe’s design can consist of an infinite amount of details, twists and turns and seeing how they end up is always brilliant, whether good or bad. Sometimes, I wish that I was just filthy rich and my only hobby was to be able to create every single shoe design that has popped into my mind….how cool would that be? But as I enter back into the real world (from my often day-dreaming) I realize that thankfully there is a collective of other makers out there who do make what they imagine, and I am therefore able to live vicariously through them!!

This model here, made by Mr. Norman Vilalta, is precisely one of those brilliant designs that I appreciate seeing. Not only is the design cool, but what he did with the coloring, making it a few shades deeper at that horizontal vamp line, was simply brilliant. That shading is so simple in it’s execution yet terribly clever in it’s presentation and how it thus transforms the shoe….without it, for me, it would be far less appealing….Nevertheless, it’s a lovely shoe and I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Vilalta’s creations, as he is a prodigy of Stefano Bemer, which means that I know he took away some greatness from his time spent in Florence…..

Interesting Design by Norman Vilalta

3 thoughts on “Interesting Design by Norman Vilalta”

  1. I don’t actually love this design, but it is inherently good! The colouring and finishing is just fabulous, and I like the thought process.

    Yet another name to check out – thanks for sharing.

  2. Going off yesterday’s comments….

    Why does one have to ‘mature’ to a more classic style. I happen to thoroughly enjoy an elongated toe, maybe a chisel. I think it adds a certain flair, a certain visual candy to break up an outfit. An elongated toe can make a chubby guy look leaner, a short guy look taller. I think that taste in shoes, clothing, food etc, doesn’t need to ‘mature’ to be personal, it just needs to be ‘personal’. Some prefer style over substance, some substance over style, some don’t have much choice in the matter due to financial constraints.

    I just simply, whole heartedly disagree when some one mentions maturity or insinuates maturity in the style of shoes they wear or prefer. That’s all !

    Keep up the good work Justin.

  3. Alex B – no worries, glad to have provided something new for you!

    Brad – couldn’t agree more…it’s the mega conservatives way of thinking that they are at the top of the maturity stage and that everyone who has yet to think like them needs to mature further in order to get there…..

    Thanks for the support!


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