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This is a fun pair of shoes. And even though I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of the pattern and colors of that fabric used (if it was on its own), I think that it is great on this pair of shoes, especially with those green tassels. I absolutely love the idea of this whole shoe and am very pleased that Mr. Ivan Crivellaro, not only designed them, but made them too! It takes courage to offer shoes like this, because they are not for everyone…in reality they are not for many, mainly just the shoe freaks like me! But what’s great about it, is that it represents the depth of which design can be taken, yet still be fun and relatively practical. Not that you would wear these to the office, but with a pair of chinos or jeans, they would go just perfectly! This is exactly the type of thing that I would love to design and make but know that if I did just this, it would be hard to stay afloat. But do expect to see this type of flair every now and then released in my collection, because hey, what would a shoe line be without a little fun?!

7 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Ivan Crivellaro Tassel Loafers”

  1. AFJ – I would….

    OwenB – Well played…did think of that one.

    AhApen (sorry) – I can’t really say….I am sure that if you send him a message via FB, he will respond..

    Il Satiro – Well, I understand…they are a bit over-the-top….and you will either like it or not…


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